& tattoo prep

This is a page for you folks who are either about to get your tattoo, or have already gotten a fresh piece. This will give you a nice refresher on how to not only care for your new piece of art, but also prepare yourself for a tattoo session. What's posted here isn't necessarily shop rules, it's just some guidelines to give you the best possible tattoo experience that we can offer you here at DLG Tattoo.



One of the biggest things that helps a tattoo stay beautiful for the next 20 years isn't just the artist's skill, but how you take care of your piece. Below is a link to a page to give you printable aftercare instructions specific to what was used on your tattoo as dressing. Please keep in mind, that at DLG Tattoo we guarentee our work. We stand by our promise that you'll leave with a quality piece, but we can only fulfill this promise if you follow our iinstructions to care for it. As always, if you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the shop.



Here are some simple guidelines to prepare yourself for a tattoo session, especially if it is a long one.

  • Sleep well the night before. A full 8 hours rest can help you from becoming fatigued early on.

  • Do not come in sick. This should be self explanatory, but your artist will thank you for not spreading you their illness. On a more in depth note, since your body is already trying to fight off a disease adding a tattoo into the mix can cause issues with healing and getting better.

  • EAT! Be sure to eat before you come in for your tattoo. You're body will be going through a lot of stress. That meal from 8 hours ago, isn't going to help. Eat about an hour or 2 before getting worked on

  • Don't get smashed the night before. Drinking excessively before getting a tattoo is just bad news. You aren't rested enough for your body to block the pain. Not to mention you have a higher probability of getting sick during the sessions.

  • Wear comfy clothes. Don't wear your favorite jersey or blouse. We try our damnest to keep from getting pigment on clothing, but accidents happen. It's best to be comfortable and in clothes you don't mind if an accident should happen.

  • Bring snacks. Cookies, candy, chips, sugary drinks. These can help you keep your blood sugar up during the tattoo process. We have tons of water at the shop. so we have you covered there.