Through this page we hope that we can answer most of your general questions about booking, tattoos, and piercings. If you are unable to find an answer to your question, feel free to fill out the contact form and one of our artists or piercing professionals will respond to you as soon as possible.


Yes we do. However, we will not work on anyone under the age of 16.

If your child is under the age of 18 and would like to have work done, the parent/guardian must be present for the procedure and provide the correct documents before any work will begin. We do not accept down payments from minors, if a minor chooses to order services online then they are breach of our studio's policy. No refunds will be given, so please read our studios policy on working on minors here. We also hold the right to refuse service depending on the location of our services for minors, we will not work near genital areas on any minor even if custodial consent is explicitly given. No minor will receive work without parental/guardian consent. No minor is allowed in the studio without the accompany of a guardian.

Yes. Any service that we offer in our studio requires a valid state/country issued photo ID. If you are a new client we will refuse service if you cannot provide proper identification.

Yes. All of our digital forms are HIPAA compliant and are encrypted during data transfer. These forms must be filled out in order to receive work from our studio. If you do not fill them out when they arrive in your email, your service provider may refuse to start your session at your cost until the proper paperwork is filled out. If you feel uncomfortable filling out the forms online, or have problems receiving/submitting the forms; please notify the studio so we can provide a solution.

For the safety of our other patrons, artists and yourself, it is best to call your artist/piercing professional and cancel your appointment. We wish to maintain a safe, clean and healthy environment for everyone to be worked on. If you were the one being worked on, you would want any other visitors to be healthy as possible when entering the shop and being around you. Please be courteous to others and your artist/piercing professional and notify us if you are ill and have to postpone an appointment.

This all relies on the person and type of work you are getting. Call the studio, or visit the artist and piercing pages for base prices for work.

No. We can take the art you have for the tattoo and have one of our artists redesign it to make it translatable as a tattoo. We all love every form of art and we appreciate any skill level, but we will never guarantee that we will duplicate another person's work no matter how well done it may be.

No. This means no, do not make appointments to get work and try to slide your way in, make friends with one of our artists, their significant others or relatives to try and convince them for a chance. The only reason this answer would even have the slightest consideration to be changed is if you brought $25k up front and wish to give up at the minimum 2 years of your sanity. Do not bother the other artist by requesting it. I'm saving everyone the hassle of even thinking it is a possibility and stating The answer is a solid NO. Thank you, and again NO.

With the ability to contact anyone at anytime things have gotten incredible easy to get your message across. It also can cross some serious boundaries in a person's personal life. the best way to reach one of the artists/piercing professionals is to call the shop during it's normal business hours. You may also feel free to contact them via the Facebook business page, the studio's email or via the contact page on this website. Most of the time our artists will not answer via their personal accounts, phone numbers, emails or by any other means. Unless they explicitly state they will otherwise. Please respect their privacy, that is the fastest and most reliable way to be able to communicate with them.


You can select from our artists on the tattoo page to reach out to them specifically. Or you can fill out the Tattoo Inquiry Form if you are unsure or do not have a preference. One of our artists will respond who feels they are the best fit for your tattoo needs.

Yes. There is a $50 charge to book a consultation. Our artists are very busy, and their time is valuable as well as their clients time. Since a consultation can sometimes interrupt a session we ask for a $50 deposit to book the consultation. This amount will be subtracted from your deposit when you actually book your appointment.

We do not offer refunds. If you choose to no longer come in for your appointment we will hold your deposit for 1 year after the initial date we received it if you should change your mind. If you chose to not inform your artist within the time period for cancellation or reschedule please view our policy here.

We want you to have the best experience possible when coming to our studio. Sometimes during the wait to get in for your appointment the style of your idea may change. If you wish to switch your artist, we ask of you to inform either the artist who you originally set up with, or the Owner or Manager of the studio. We will work with you so you can get the best work possible. Please understand with switching artists that a new deposit may be required, or a redrawing fee. We can not guarantee in any instance that your original appointment time can be honored. Every artist has a different schedule, so be sure you speak with the artists before you make a final decision to switch.

We do not offer refunds. Please make sure that when you confirm the purchase to book a consultation online that you have read the online booking policy thoroughly.

You can set up a consultation online. Or if you need a definite date, call the shop or message your artist about being put on their waiting list. This will enable you to be notified when they re-open their books for appointments. Please note, this will not guarantee a spot right away though, some of our artists have a long waiting list. Please be patient.

A deposit is based off the hourly rate of the specified artist. So deposit amounts vary. It is best to see the hourly charge of the artist which can be found on our Tattoo Page to have an idea of how much money to bring. As always, consultation deposits will be subtracted from the scheduling down payment. Please note, for some larger projects there may be a drawing cost separate form the tattoo estimate. Your artist will inform you before scheduling your first appointment.


We hold our artists to the highest standards as well as the artists holding themselves to it. Most of our clientele comes primarily from friend referrals, so people are saying good things. Certain times though someone may not be completely satisfied with their work. In this instance please contact the Owner or the Shop Manager. We will work to be sure that you have a tattoo that is held to the standard of the reputation that the shop and its artists have built.

As the shop is usually busy with clients and our first priority is the care of the people getting tattooed, there can be times that emails may take some time to get back to especially on the weekends. This isn't anything personal, we are just busy.

Please wait 48-72 hours to hear a response. If you have not heard back after 72 hours, please email back as the internet is a goofy and spooky place of mystery or call the shop directly during business hours and we can help you there.

The short answer is yes. Tattoos are a marathon, not a race. The artist you have chosen works hard to make sure you have the best outcome and experience possible. However, the artist and the Tattoos they do are always subject to being off on a quoted time. The price quotes are an estimate, not a definite cost, so be sure to have some wiggle room in your budget. We try our hardest to make sure we stay within a quote price and time, but there are many things that can change this during the course of a tattoo project. Your tattoo artist will remain transparent with you about overages for quoted times and be happy to work with you to resolve or re-evaluate your budget.

To give an idea of how difficult that question is to answer, you could assume its like asking, "How long does it take to cook?" or ,"How much is a new car?" Some food takes an hour to cook, some 6 hours to bake. Some cars are $1,000 and some cars are $100,000.

Most importantly, some food is better tasting than others and some cars are better quality than others. Tattooing is much the same.

To properly price a tattoo there are many variables that factor in such as the size, subject matter, color or black and grey, detail, placement on body and so forth. Damaged Legacy-DLG Tattoo charges an industry standard of $120-200 per hour so pricing ultimately depends on how long the project takes. A lot of times during consultation you will be given a base estimate for the tattoo to keep things simple.

We have a long list of clients waiting to get in. Though we try to be sure to get everyone we can in without too much of a wait, we sometimes just cannot please everyone with a early appointment date. A lot of variables can be factored into this. No, we cannot do a sleeve the same day you call asking for one. Honestly, that would be a half-ass approach and potentially rob you of a quality piece. No, we cannot do a major cover up the same day you ask. There is a lot of planning that goes into a cover up piece.

Our artists are human just like you. They have lives outside of the shop, they get sick, they have emergencies. Though we try to be sure everyone is promptly rescheduled due to an artist cancellation, sometimes people slip through the cracks. We ask you to be patient, things happen. If you have not heard from your artist for a reschedule 48 hours AFTER their return to the studio, please feel free to call the studio during normal business hours and we can try to get you rescheduled ASAP.

A: Like a doctor, dentist office or salon it is hard to say if we will always have time or space to accept walk ins, but we love to accommodate them if we do. You can always call the studio to see if we have availability, or just stop in anytime! Walk-ins/same day appointments are never a guarantee and are always first come first serve. the only way to secure a time is by putting down a deposit.

The artists have many years of experience working on the skin, they know what will work and what will look horrible over time. Please take their knowledge into consideration when they try to guide you in the right direction. None of the artists want to dictate what you are getting, but we will suggest and try to come to a mutual agreement with you on your design.

Since there many factors into the healing, aftercare and application of a tattoo; sometimes things can go wrong. We try not to play the blame game for such things for an initial request to have a tattoo looked at for the possibility of a rework. Also we do not guarantee a rework/touch-up because most times there is no reason for one. That being said it is at the artist's discretion on how to approach this. The best course of action to take is to contact the studio directly during regular business hours. If you do not feel comfortable having your original artist who did your piece to make the judgment of a touch-up/rework, then please specify this during your call. Our artists take great pride in their work, we will do our best to make sure that what you walk out with is a proper representation of our skill and passion for tattooing. If your healed tattoo does not meet these standards, we will work to make good on our promise to you for quality work. We will respect your feelings, as long as you respect our artist's and respect that this is a craft done by hand and sometimes things can happen during the healing process. If you or your request is unreasonable, we will not honor the possibility of a re-work/touch-up and possibly any future work as well. Be sure to follow the instructions for after-care given to you. If you should lose your email that contains them, you can view them here or look them up in your customer portal.

Drawing and Art Fees

Our artist's time is valuable, just like yours. A lot of times we do not have time to draw your art while we are in the studio, which means we need to take it home. This can take valuable time from our personal lives when it comes to large tattoo projects. If an artist chooses to charge for the artwork for a tattoo, the charge is set at their discretion and solely relies on them if they choose to have it count towards your tattoos overall price. Be sure to speak with your artist before committing to a large project.

Our artists have a very heavy work load at times, this can lead to artwork taking awhile to get to you if at all before your appointment. Some of our artists are proficient in free-hand, which means no art will be received at all before the appointment. Other times, in the case of realism, portraits it is pretty much the images you give us are what will be replicated on the skin. Please speak with your artist on how your tattoo will be prepped. We do not guarantee artwork before an appointment.

If you have a large project, and your artist spent their time drawing the piece and you decide to change it you may have to pay for a new design. This is at the artist's discretion, as well as the possibility of a reschedule and change in price quote. Please keep in mind that these changes are at the cost of you the customer. So in the beginning phases, if you are unsure about the exact piece you want please take this in consideration before committing your money and the artist's time to an appointment.

There are a few factors involved in this. Please keep in mind you are not the only person having artwork prepped for. An artist, if creating a design before you appointment; is taking time to make sure they meet the specifications you may have set. That being said, speak with your artist if you need revised work. Also keep in mind that the artist has the right to halt the design process or charge a drawing fee if you become too unrealistic over your design. Many minor changes can be made the day of the appointment or during the tattoo process itself.

Cancelations, No Shows and Late Arrivals

Since COVID, times have been crazy. Our artists work hard to make sure that the times given to you is perfectly set not only for your budget, but also for the session to make sure the work is not rushed and the quality lasts for a lifetime. If you should have to cancel an appointment, we ask that you do it within 48 hours of your appointment. The deposit is non refundable, as well as any extra money you may have put down. A last minute cancellation can jeopardize your money being carried over for a reschedule. So please be pro-active and let us know if a time is no longer able to work, so our artists can fill the appointment slot. We all understand how emergencies can happen, reach out to your artist so you can work on a solution.

We have many clients waiting to get in for tattoo work. A no call, no show will cause several things to occur. Multiple will cause any future appointments you may have had to be removed from the schedule and require you to pay in full for the time slot/s you didn't show for. Your deposit or any money down will be forfeit. Many times you will be required to pay for a session IN FULL if you wish to be considered for a reschedule. This is all at your artist's discretion, switching artists in the shop will not change what is owed before you attempt a reschedule. You will also not be allowed to book any time online.

We all understand that many things can affect your travel to an appointment. Waking up late, snow storms, ducks crossing the street. Best thing to do is keep communication open with your artist and let them know. We give a 15 min. window in case you are running behind, beyond this can result in the artist taking in another client assuming you aren't showing up. Doing this habitually, or showing up several hours late for your appointment can result in being charged for the full session. So be sure to speak with your artist if you are running behind.

We understand life can be hectic, we understand plans are subject to change. However, when we make an appointment for you; your artist is setting aside time that other people are eager to take. Though canceling within the guidelines of our shop's policy will save your deposit and money carried over, habitual cancellations can lead to a hold on your appointments. So, please make sure you set aside the correct times when scheduling.

Let your artist know within the time of our cancellation/reschedule policy. In the case of a reschedule, we cannot guarantee getting you back into the schedule quickly, but we can honor your deposit and roll it over into the next appointment time. If you reschedule after the 48 hour deadline, your deposit will be forfeit and will have to put down a new one in order to be rescheduled. If this happens multiple times, you may have to pay for a session in full before you will be rescheduled.


At this time during the COVID pandemic we ask everyone to be patient when it comes to calling in before you show up for a piercing. We have to limit the amount of people inside our building at one time, and we don't want you to have to sit in your car possibly waiting several hours for any people waiting in line before you. This is a rule set in place in concerns for public health and safety in regards to our piercing professionals, tattoo artists, our tattoo and piercing patrons and of course you yourself. Setting up a specific time to be pierced is beneficial for many reasons. It gives our piercing professionals the proper time to clean and prepare their station for you. It gives our piercing professional the breathing room to be sure that you are the only focus and void of other distractions. It makes the shop a safe environment and the ability to maintain the proper social distancing standards set by the CDC to mitigate contact or possible contact of COVID-19.

You can view the price list for our piercing services on the piercing page. The services are a flat rate, the jewelry prices fluctuate and are dependent on what you chose for your initial piercing. All jewelry sales are final. In the case of a jewelry failure (which can happen from time to time and is at the mercy of our suppliers) please call your piercing professional and speak with them about what can be done. DO NOT throw your jewelry away, if asked to visit the studio you may have to bring the jewelry with you.

From time to time the piercing can have some unexpected healing issues. If you have followed your piercing professional's aftercare for your specific work done, then this issue might be more because of the are or jewelry. Please give the studio a call and speak to one of our piercing professionals to find out how to asses and find a solution to the issue you are having. Please note, our professionals are not medical doctors. Though they have training in Blood born pathogens, prevention of disease transmission and adult first aid, no one in the shop has the credentials to diagnose any medical condition. We will however work within the limits of our knowledge to assist any problems you may have. DO NOT remove the jewelry unless instructed by your piercing professional or a medical professional.

We will not pierce you with your own jewelry. This is not up for debate. We do not know where your jewelry was purchased from, what condition it is in or the type of metal it consists of. None of our piercing professionals will take on the liability of piercing you with questionable jewelry from unknown origins. The jewelry we provide is from trusted sources, made specifically to be placed into a fresh piercing to avoid possible serious jewelry based healing issues. We are transparent about the health and safety of our clients, if you have questions about the jewelry we use please call the shop and speak to one of our professionals or fill out a questionnaire on the piercing page.

This will be discussed with you by your piercing professional. Because every persons body is different, as well as every piercing location; the time it takes to be properly healed to change jewelry can vary drastically from person to person. There is no set time or date, only estimations on when jewelry can be changed.

We will always refer you back the person that originally did your project. Unless there is a valid reason to not contact them, which you can discuss with one of our piercing professionals. Please keep in mind, with situations such as this; our piercing professionals reserve the right to deny service at their discretion.

We have an extensive catalog at our disposal of quality and piercing safe jewelry. You can also look at our online catalog for the jewelry you would like. If you know of a specific piece you would like, you may ask one of our piercing professionals to order it for you. This will require you to purchase the jewelry that day before it is ordered. We are at the mercy of the distributors on a time frame for jewelry to arrive, but your piercing professional will contact you immediately when it arrives to the studio to set up a time to pick it up/be pierced with it. We will not refund money if you chose to get pierced someplace else while you have to wait, or change your mind. All jewelry sales are final.

We don't always have control over situations such as this, no matter how well placed a piercing is. The best thing to do is to contact one of our piercing professionals and make them aware of your issue. DO NOT remove the jewelry unless instructed by your piercing professional or a medical professional.


Some things we will have available at location and available for pick-up or purchase at the studio direct. Most of our online catalog will be shipped to you direct though. The product description will state if there is an option. You will also be able to chose if you want in person pick up or direct shipping during checkout.

Just like most things, sometimes a shipment is packaged incorrectly. In the case that this happens, be sure to check your emails and save any digital receipt. Without a proof of purchase we cannot fix the issue you may be having. If your items need to be returned for the correct products, we will assist you in any way we can to supply a solution.

Unless their is an issue with the product/s themselves and they aren't specifically what you ordered, or are damaged then the answer is no. All sales are final, we do not offer refunds and we do not offer returns on items that aren't wrong or damaged. However, we do offer replacements of the same items if the original product is returned unused.

Shipping is different for every zone and every time of year. Pay attention to any tracking numbers you receive to verify your order is not only on its way, but for when it will arrive.

Please be sure that all of your shipping information is correct before finalizing an order. Feel free to contact the studio via email or by phone. In the chance that a package was stolen or is delayed we may be able to assist in getting you your items reshipped.