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This document is a general release waiver acknowledging that you have received, read and reviewed Damaged Legacy Studios policies and release of liability from the independently owned studios within. This document does not change the fact that Damaged Legacy Studios claims no ownership of and monetary transactions with the independent studios. Nor does Damaged Legacy Studios claim liability of the independent studios and their owners within.


This is to inform the reader that all policies listed below are written in order to protect the clients, employees and affiliates of Darklight Galleries LLC, Co.. The policies set forth by the entity Darklight Galleries LLC., Co., Damaged Legacy, DLG Tattoo ("the Studio" in short for the business entity and within) are set in place and are to be agreed upon by the client before any monies exchange and procedures begin. All policies have legal binding release waivers and all information shared is protected under HIPAA. Darklight Galleries LLC, Co., Damaged Legacy, DLG Tattoo as well as its employees and affiliates agree to be transparent and make themselves to explain any of the contents herein. Darklight Galleris LLC.,Co., Damaged Legacy, DLG Tattoo as well as its employees and affiliates will also answer any questions too the best of their abilities if a client should have any, before signing any legally binding agreement.

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